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Brian O'Neal and the BusBoys

Ladies, gentlemen, friends and fans - - 2020 and 2021 brings the ever present, inspirational, hot Rock, Roll & Soul of The BusBoys back to center stage. The band that has been called the most exciting, original live act in Rock and Roll have relit their blazing, amazing career, fire balling it into hot, new music.

Brian O’Neal and The BusBoys are releasing “In My Heart,” their first full album in years, in 2021. The first single “Civil Rights” was released on July 4th, 2020. The composition’s theme is about the original, American civil right written into the Declaration of Independence - - “that all men (mankind) are created equal.” Song can be downloaded on iTunes, streaming on Apple Music or streamed on Amazon music.

The song is an energetic foray into the unique, primal rock and rhythm The BusBoys generate. Lead singer and founder Brian O’Neal’s voice pushes the track on top of guitars that take every advantage of their rights, civil or not.

The “Civil Rights” video is a fast paced, visual expression of the history of America’s challenging and uneven pursuit of its ideals, with the band performing with the energy and conviction for which they are famous.

The second single “In My Heart,” is due to be released at the beginning of 2021. It is reminiscent of 60’s social consciousness, acoustic guitars and vocal harmonies shining across the sea of our times. “I realized after the song was done that its inspiration lies in the lessons on life I learned from my parents as a child,” says Brian. “They were lifelong educators and were highly involved with civil rights and social justices for all Americans. Their committed pursuit used the powers of education, persistence, protest and love with unrelenting laser focus - - emphasis on the Love.”

The band will be completing the last couple of tracks for the record through the end of 2020. With a sly smile, Brian comments, “We are, like the rest of the world, thrilled to get back to doing what we do.” The BusBoys will also be rehearsing, preparing for their filmed concert series and for the day that live performances return to the world stage.

Most of The BusBoys catalogue is available on our site via the Store Tab. "Minimum Wage Rock and Roll," the music from their debut effort, is there at affordable pricing, re-mastered to play full blast into your digital world. “American Worker,” and “Money Don’t Make No Man,” the bands second and third records respectively, are also available. Of course, there is the "Boys Are Back In Town" CD, featuring songs from the film classic "48 HRS." that are still full of authentic fun and excitement.

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For our Ghostbusters followers we want to call your attention to the documentary “Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters.” As you may know, The BusBoys were nominated for a Grammy for the song “Cleanin’ Up The Town” from the original Ghostbusters film and soundtrack.

The new documentary is produced by British company Bueno Productions, under the direction of Anthony and Claire Bueno. Anthony is a gifted director and has successfully interviewed the Ghostbusters cast, crew and production team including director Ivan Rietman, singer Ray Parker and Brian O'Neal. You can get updated information on the film at

We recommend fans take a look at the documentary “Freeway City.” It tells the story of Southern California’s City of Gardena, where Brian and many of the original members of The BusBoys grew up and went to school. The film was Directed and Produced by British filmmaker Max Votolato, with Brian acting as Executive Producer and Soundtrack Composer. View the film free at

Good things come to those who wait and "We've been waitin' for a long time - -"

The BusBoys continue to serve fine Rock, Roll and Soul into the 21st Century. Thanks for the support and stay tuned!